Ross has been working in the firearms industry for many years. He is a hard-to-find resource in the firearms industry. if you have questions about firearms and firearm accessories, Ross can find you the answer.

He is an avid sportsman who loves the outdoors and brings his knowledge to Guns Galore and The General Store. Ross’ commitment to customer service is reflected in the 4 - 5 star overall Google reviews for Osakis General Store and Guns Galore, some which have mentioned him personally.



Greg is a long-time employee who works most Saturdays in Guns Galore during the year. Greg’s knowledge based in all firearms is amazing. (Which is why we think he is a full-time secret agent using the store only for cover.) He wouldn’t let us take his picture (also not unusual for secret agents) but the silouette to the left is all you need for identification purposes.



As a young girl, Alex grew up around firearms. Some of her fondest memories are those hunting with her dad and her grandpas. At 17, she enlisted in the army and found she enjoyed training and teaching. After the military, her passion for firearms led her to a position working as the Range Manager and Instructor at Bill’s Gun Shop in Fargo, North Dakota.

Alex began working for Guns Galore after moving to Alexandria to attend Alexandria Technical and Community College for Law Enforcement. Spe specializes in handguns but can assist you with all your firearm needs. You can find Alex at the store most Saturdays and other days over the summer months.